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The Black Panther Party was initially established in order to protect African American’s civil rights and promote self-defense. It was founded in October of 1966, and was involved in protecting African-American neighborhoods from police brutality. However, over time the objectives of the Party were skewed in that some members openly disagreed with the leaders objectives. The Black Panther Party created a Ten-Point Program which was a document that called for "Land, Bread, Housing, Education, Clothing, Justice And Peace", as well as equality in the military. It was originally firmly grounded in Black Nationalism, and begun as an organization that accepted only African Americans as members. However, the party changed as it grew to in popularity throughout the country. I believe the Black Panther Party and their members were justified when they “policed the police”. It gave them the opportunity to show the police officers and those who were against the Civil Right’s Movement how the African-American’s were being treated. They stood up for what they believed was right. The police officers only patrolled the black community. That in itself is racist. They only used forceful conduct and violent actions towards the black community even when the person did not commit an act that would need corporal punishment to obtain. They police officers segregated the African-American’s specifically in order to retain “control” when most of their actions were in no form, endangering. Therefore, the Panther’s also did not present a
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The_Black_Panther_Party - The Black Panther Party was...

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