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Examination of Consumer Psychology Consumer psychology has an important role to play in many aspects of today’s society. There is a need for not only businesses to understand what motivates consumers for advertising and marketing, but also service industries such as the medical field can obtain information as to what the true concerns and fears of their patients are. The field is most critical for those who are pursuing careers in marketing, business administration, and those with an entrepreneurial bent in determining how best to present their ideas, products and services to the consuming public. Background Consumer psychology began as “applied psychology” in the last decade of the 1800’s. The first that could be recognized as “consumer psychology’ occurred within “scientific advertising”. Early proponents settled in under “industrial psychology”, Division 14 of the American Psychological Association. As a term “consumer psychology” did not come into use until the late 1950’s (Haugtvedt, Herr, Kardes, 2008, p.4). The growth in manufacturing led to increased volume, diversification of goods and the need for new markets, showing how critical advertising had become. Local advertising gave way to regional and national advertising, resulting in the need of professionalism in the new positions of advertising agent, advertising copywriter, and ultimately the advertising agency. By 1910 the rational school of advertising (reasonable price, basic selling points) gave way to the non-rational perspective (emotions could be manipulated, consumers could be persuaded) opening the way for a psychological approach to advertising and sales (Haugtvedt, Herr, Kardes, 2008, pp. 4–5). Early Pioneers
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Examination_of_Consumer_Psychology - Examination of...

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