BIO121ch10 - BIO121 I Chapter 10 Chromosomes Mitosis and...

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BIO121 I. Chapter 10 Chromosomes, Mitosis and Meiosis A. Organization A.1. Genes: Cell’s informational units and made of DNA A.2. Chromatin: DNA and Protein. Makes up chromosomes (eukaryotes) A.3. Chromosomes: Allow DNA sorting into daughter cells. A.4. In Eukaryotic cells, DNA is wound around a specific proteins to form chromatin. B. Prokaryotic Cells B.1. Contain circular DNA molecules. B.2. DNA is arranged in a continuous loop. C. Asexual Reproduction C.1. Single parent: Offspring have identical hereditary traits. C.2. Mitosis: Basis for asexual cellular reproduction in eukaryotes. C.3. Binary Fission: C.3.a) Replication begins at a single site on bacteria DNA. C.3.b) Replication continues as replication enzymes work both directions from site where replication began. C.3.c) Replication is completed. Cell begin to divide as plasma membrane grows inward. C.3.d) Binary fission is complete, two identical prokaryotic cells result. D. Eukaryotic Chromosomes D.1. Nucleosome D.1.a) Histone (protein) bead wrapped in DNA. D.1.b) Organized into coiled loops D.1.c) Held together by nonhistone scaffolding proteins. E. Duplicated Chromosome E.1. Consists of a pair of sister chromatids containing identical DNA sequences E.2. Centromere E.2.a) Constricted region
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BIO121ch10 - BIO121 I Chapter 10 Chromosomes Mitosis and...

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