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BIO121ch15 - (A.4.f.2 Cut DNA in a staggered formation B...

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BIO121 I. Chapter 15 A. Restriction Enzymes A.1. Restriciton enzymes recognize and cut specific short sequences of DNA A.2. The enzymes cut at a particular site within a specific sequence of base pairs called restriction sites A.3. Many restriction enzymes cut palindromic sequences, eaning the sequence of bases on one strand is the same as that of it’s c A.4. Where do they come from? A.4.a) Restriction enzymes are made by bacteria A.4.b) Bacteria methylate (or add methyl groups) to their DNA A.4.c) When DNA is methylated, restriction enzymes cannot cut it. A.4.d) Bacteria use restriction enzymes to cut foreign DNA that is not Methylated. A.4.e) Restriction enzymes derive their names from the bacteria in which they were isolated (A.4.e.1) EcoR1 can be found in E.Coli. A.4.f) What are they used for? (A.4.f.1) To give scientists a controlled way to cut DNA from chromosomes into shorter, more manageable fragments
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Unformatted text preview: (A.4.f.2) Cut DNA in a staggered formation. B. Recombinant DNA Technology B.1. Isolates and amplifies B.1.a) Sequences of DNA B.1.b) Incorporates them into vector DNA molecules B.2. Resulting in recombinant DNA B.2.a) Is propagated and amplified (cloned) B.2.b) In organisms such as E,Coli B.3. DNA Vectors: B.3.a) Naturally occurring cicular bacteria DNA molecules (plasmids) B.3.b) Bacterial viruses (bacteriophages) B.4. Foreign Dna and plasmid DNA are cut with the same restriction enzymes B.5. The two types of cut DNA are mixed B.6. Hydrogen bonding occurs between the sticky ends of the two types of DNA B.7. The enzyme DNA ligase is used to seal the nicks between the two types of DNA B.8. The recombined plasmid DNA can then be inserted into a host where it will be copies...
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