Hooks - Hooks: Week 1 (Provider) I. Intro a. Bass pro shops...

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Hooks: Week 1 (Provider) I. Intro a. Bass pro shops b. Incredible place, place is huge, has things from hunting to golf to boats to lures, like 10 aisles of lures c. Different fishing lures c.i. Hula popper, spinner bait, crankbait, jig, d. A good fisherman, knows what certain fish want d.i. he knows what they’ll take a bite at, knows what time of day they want what type of thing e. Satan knows the exact same thing e.i. We forget that each piece of bait Satan dangles in front of us, contains a hook e.ii. Everyone is tempted e.ii.1. You cant escape it f. Priest named benedict back in 5 th and 6 th centuries decided he was going to try to escape temptation f.i. Goes into this cave and decides to live in this cave, has someone lower food down into the cave for him every day f.ii. This guy became so frustrated with living in the cave that one day he threw himself into these bushes with all these thorns and rolled around til he was covered with blood f.iii. Came out of the cave and came to the conclusion, you cant escape temptation f.iv. Christians, non Christians, everyone gets tempted g. Jovinian was a 5 th century monk taught that once you became a Christian you were free from the devils power and free from any temptation g.i. His biggest competitor of the time Jerone commented that becoming a Christian does not get rid of Satan h. The danger is temptation can affect more than just you h.i. Can affect your future, those close to you h.ii. With every temptation there can be consequences h.iii. We are tempted to believe that it’s all about right now, it’s so much greater than that, there’s so much more at stake h.iv. Our temptations have the potential to affect our future i. Temptation is more than a test of self control, it’s a test of faith i.i. Every time you are tempted it’s a test of faith i.ii. Its when our confidence in god to meet a need in our life is put on the line i.iii. When we find ourselves in these moments of temptation, and stop and look at the bait before us, we’ll realize that its embedded with a hook i.iii.1. Or if we realize that its simply a test of faith and not a test of self control, we’ll be more likely to overcome it i.iii.2. Everyone faces temptation j. Maybe you think that to get anywhere in life you need to make decisions on your own, look out for yourself, because Gods too busy doing other things
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j.i. God wants to be involved in even the smallest things in your life, he cares about your relationships, your grades, what you do when your by yourself j.ii. If you call on God, he will help you overcome temptation j.iii. God wants to be involved in the details of your life, the choices you make, k. A lot of the times the bait looks very appealing, like it could help out your situation substantially k.i.1. But what would happen that if every time you were tempted you took a step back, and looked at the bait in front of you and then called on god k.i.2. Every time you are tempted your faith is at stake, when we
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Hooks - Hooks: Week 1 (Provider) I. Intro a. Bass pro shops...

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