How to survive in 2012

How to survive in - b Jerusalem becomes a nation b.i Ezekiel 20:33-35 VII Things that are going to happen(not in order because we don’t know when

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How to survive in 2012 I. 2012 a. People freaking out b. Movie made, why? b.i. “If you want to watch a movie that will have you STRESSED OUT, ANXIOUS, and PANICKING for the next 3 years then go ahead and watch this movie.” –imdb c. Mayans aren’t the only ones with the theories on what will happen in the future, we have God to turn to II. Matthew 24:1-8 III. Matthew 24:30-31 IV. Matthew 24:36 V. Things that have already happened a. Jesus was born b. Jesus died and rose c. Destruction of the temple 70 ad d. Arabs hate towards Israel (Ezekiel 35, Jeremiah 50) e. Wars, famines, natural disasters VI. Things that are happening a. Nation against nation / kingdom against kingdom a.i. WW1 WW2, Jews were both involved
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Unformatted text preview: b. Jerusalem becomes a nation b.i. Ezekiel 20:33-35 VII. Things that are going to happen (not in order because we don’t know when yet) a. Peace treaty of Arab states. .. leading to a Great gathering of non Arab nations against Israel (Ezekiel 38) Gog – a country east of Israel b. One world government will be established, then divided into 10 kingdoms (Daniel 7:23-24a) c. Time of peace for Israel (1 Thesselonians 5:1-3) d. Rise of the anti Christ e. Joel 2:31 f. Elijah will come back first (Malachi (4:5-6) g. Rapture h. Tribulation i. New heaven and a new earth VIII. Conclusion a. 2 Peter 3:3-12 b. Matthew 24:42-44 c. Romans 13:11-14...
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