Identity - Identity Week 1 I am the Bride I Intro a Symbols...

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Identity Week 1 – I am the Bride I. Intro a. Symbols get used a lot a.i. Go through logos, what is the message these companies are trying to convey? Slogan? a.ii. Livestrong bracelet picture a.ii.1. Over 40 million sold a.ii.2. Now many different kinds, what do these represent? a.ii.3. People have lost the idea of what the livestrong bracelet represents a.ii.4. In hospitals they give you bracelets to let doctors know information, in Florida yellow bracelet means dnr a.ii.5. In the bible there is a lot of symbolism, god put that in there so we know how to live a.ii.5.a. A lot of times its confusing and there’s so many different pictures that we get lost in what were supposed to do a.ii.6. Next four weeks were gonna paint some pictures of what God has called us to, how to be a follower of Christ, tonight’s picture is “I am the bride” a.ii.6.a. Pray a.ii.7. What is the hardest thing about dating? Discuss it with the people around you a.ii.7.a. When were young we like to give a lot of notes, or send friends over to try and talk for us, ask girls to skate with you at the roller rink, she says yes you feel like the man a.ii.7.b. Dating can be complicated, like how long before the first kiss, how many dates before its official, should the guys always pay for everything? a.iii. The bible says we are the bride of Christ II. Four requirements of a bride a. The pursuit a.i. Someone has to pursue you, or you have to pursue someone a.i.1. Some aren’t so good a.i.1.a. Cheesy pick up lines a.i.1.a.i. Tired? running through my head all day; can I borrow your number I lost mine; can I have your picture so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas; is your dad a terrorist because you’re the bomb, if you were a new hamburger at McDonalds you would be mcgorgeous a.ii. Someone who is great at the pursuit a.ii.1. That’s god, the bibles all about God pursuing your heart a.ii.2. Jeremiah 31:3
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a.ii.3. Colassians 3:12 a.ii.4. It always feels good to be pursued or picked a.ii.4.a. It makes us feel valued a.ii.4.b. Playground sports picking teams a.ii.4.c. We do all these things to try to be pursued by other people a.iii. God picked you a.iii.1. He initiated it first a.iii.2. Why would God pick us? a.iii.3. Romans 5:8 a.iii.3.a. God took the first step a.iii.3.b. Picked you before you were born a.iii.3.c. The first step to being a bride is you have to be chosen b. Have to be in love b.i. Ever gone to a wedding and wondered whether or not people should be getting married? b.i.1. In love with the idea of being in love, settled for someone, they say their in love but everyone knows… b.i.2. We do the same thing in our relationship with God b.i.2.a. We say we love him because it sounds good b.i.2.b. You can always tell the difference between like and love b.i.2.b.i. You can tell when someone is in love, they get annoying with it b.i.3. The titanic b.i.3.a. Made most money ever at the time b.i.3.b. Plot was about a boat sinking b.i.3.c. One of the reasons it made so much money
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Identity - Identity Week 1 I am the Bride I Intro a Symbols...

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