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Join the Liberation Week 1- Free yourself from perspectives I. Intro a. Tonight we begin 4 weeks of your life where you will be free b. “free yourself” – tagline for the next four weeks c. Liberations c.i. Been going on for a really long time, what were going to do over the next month c.ii. People have been starting movements to free themselves from their current situation, sudan had one recently, usa had one of the more famous ones, involved in a lot c.iii. At churches there have been liberations taking place every week as people come to know jesus as their personal savior, they are freed from their current state d. Tonight and the next four weeks you’re going to be challenged a little bit, were going to ask you to do some things e. You want to be a part of this, tonight I want you to take a risk f. I want you to challenge your perspective, challenge everything you know about life right now g. We played a game a few weeks ago, where we looked at aerial images of things, and it was kind of hard to tell what those things were from that perspective g.i. You were looking at things from only one perspective, when you only see one point of view sometimes you miss the whole picture h. We view god in a lot of different ways h.i. Old wise man h.ii. The cop God i. We struggle to see things the way that God sees things i.i. This is why: we have one perspective of our life i.i.1. (timeline of life) i.i.2. And that’s all we see i.i.3. We live on that timeline for our life, i.ii. God has the ability to see everything j. If you’re sitting on the edge of a cliff road on a valley with a sharp curve, two semi’s going really fast towards each other below: we all know something bad could happen j.i. You can see but they cant j.ii. That’s how God is II. Get a bible open to Romans 8 a. I want you to see this visually b. Verse 18 b.i. Sufferings, change it to setbacks b.ii. A setback is something in your life that keeps you from moving forward b.iii. If you play sports you have to have a certain gpa or you don’t play, if you mess up, it’s a setback b.iv. When a friend wrongs you, that’s a setback
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b.v. Some of you have lost someone close to you, that’s a setback c. God says our setbacks are nothing compared to the glory of God d. What do you think Gods glory is, how would you describe it, talk about it amongst yourselves e. One thing you gotta walk away with, our setbacks, things that get us stuck in life, usually point to us; we make our setbacks about us. f. This life is not about you; its an opportunity to showcase God f.i. Maybe you think that Gods glory can only be seen in that one worship moment, or that it can only be seen once in a while III. Psalms 8 a. David has just seen Gods glory b. Verse 1-8 c. Psalms 148: a follow up c.i. Again he’s experienced the glory of God c.ii. 1-5 d. Tonight is about one simple concept: the way were living is all about how we exist, how things effect us d.i. When it comes to God we forget about how he can do things in our
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Join the Liberation - I. II. Join the Liberation Week 1-...

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