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Journey of Jonah

Journey of Jonah - Journey of Jonah Week 1 I Intro a...

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Journey of Jonah Week 1 I. Intro a. Talking about Jonah, many people don’t believe this story b. Business lady gets on plane traveled a lot, Bible with her wherever she went, sat it on her tray, guy starts asking if she believes everything, then Jonah story, then asks how he survived, then she says ill ask in heaven, what if he’s not there you ask him II. Turn to Jonah 1:1 a. The word of the Lord came to Jonah i. What does that mean???? How??? Still small voice ii. How do we know when God is telling us to do something 1. Learn to listen, God talks all the time, we have to learn to hear him 2. Radio stations, always playing, must have the right tuning b. Cereal favorites, article cereal sales are down, takes too long to eat c. Over 30 cereal bars introduced to the market every year, car companies are looking at microwaves in minivan d. Society is on the go, fast paced life, and because of this sometimes we miss the things God is trying to bring to our attention III. Jonah 1:2 a. Go to the great city of Nineveh and preach against it b. First word go, anytime god requires you to do something it requires action (ex. change, stop) c. Nineveh like a modern day new York city, capital of Assyria i. militaristic nation, referred to as great city not because of people but to size and population, not friendly neighborly people, walls displayed some paintings of some pretty messed up stuff that they did to people, took pride in barbaric acts (cut off body parts, skinned people, cut off tongues), posed a great threat to the city of Israel (Jonahs people), d. God tells Jonah go, and Jonah says no says they don’t deserve Gods grace IV. Jonah 1:3 a. Jonah ran away, ran away from bird b. What does it mean to run away from God?? i. Go against what his word says knowing that you are (relationships) c. Why do we run from God? i. We think we have a better plan than God ii. Jonah runs from God he gets on a boat (great idea)
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V. Jonah 1:4-5 a. The movie the perfect storm b. Who was afraid? The sailors c. People that run affect the people around them, sailors paid the price d. Jonah thought he could hide from God, hide and seek with a little kids bad hiding spot, Jonah would not be good at hide and seek e. If god is trying to get your attention he will get it, tap shoulder, call name, baseball bat across the head f. God wasn’t back in Joppa like where is Jonah? He did what he always does, pursues g. Uh oh moments h. Jonah has an uh oh, when he wakes up VI. Jonah 1:12 a. Most Israelites didn’t know how to swim, hated like water, moose b. Jonah wasn’t like throw me in I’m just gonna chill here, he didn’t know how to swim i. Jonah was prepared to die to save the other sailors VII. Jonah 1:17 a. The lord provided b. As soon as Jonah hit the water God was waiting, don’t know how he got the fish there, but he did c. You’ll never be able to outsmart God, he’ll always be waiting for you d. Imagine this whole scene, things in water that would make us flip e. Suddenly he can’t move and has no idea where he is, then it hits him
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Journey of Jonah - Journey of Jonah Week 1 I Intro a...

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