LIFE 101 - LIFE 101 WEEK 1: HOLINESS I. Intro a. Older...

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LIFE 101 WEEK 1: HOLINESS I. Intro a. Older couple in Las Vegas, husband liked to gamble, last night there, husband on a hot streak about 2-3am, wife wanted to go to bed, he wanted to stay, so he told her to go up to the room, time goes by, she goes I gotta go, husband asks her to take chips to hotel room, she’s scared, finally he talks her into it, holding chips in elevator and right as the elevator goes to close, 2 big guys walk in with one little guy, she gets a little freaked out, hears this voice say lady hit the floor, she throws the chips in the air, drops to the ground, awkward silence, hears the voice again: lady I meant hit the floor, like the elevator number, she’s on the ground chips everywhere, she gets up: omg I’m so sorry I’m just a little paranoid, she’s embarrassed, tells husband the story they’re all laughin, they go to check out the next day, find out room has been paid for, the desk worker goes here they left you this letter, the letter read: normally I get paid to make people laugh, but last night I had the greatest laugh of my life – eddie Murphy b. Next couple weeks were gonna be talking on some things that have been a little bit misunderstood (1 Peter) c. This week holiness c.i. Survey interviewed ministers in the church c.i.1. 12% had committed adultery c.i.2. 23% have done something sexually inappropriate c.ii. Then interviewed church leaders c.ii.1. 23% had committed adultery c.ii.2. 45% had done something sexually inappropriate d. This either means all of a sudden this stuff doesn’t matter to God, or were losing a grip on what it means to be holy e. Open to 1 Peter 1 e.i. 4 questions to write down tonight, so grab a pen II. 1 peter 1:15 a. 15 But now you must be holy in everything you do, just as God who chose you is holy b. The word holy, a churchy word b.i. Definition: clean, pure, different, set apart b.ii. We need to be pure in all that we do b.ii.1. Seems impossible b.ii.1.a. When watching tv, when someone wrongs you, when hanging out with a guy/girl alone, when that girl walks into class wearing a certain outfit to get everyone’s attention b.iii. Bible says it’s impossible: for all have sinned and fallen short b.iv. So why does this scripture tell us to be holy when it’s impossible b.iv.1. Would make more sense if it said: I know you’ll sin but try not to b.iv.2. But that’s not what it says, it’s very clear, be holy III. 4 things about holiness IV. Verse 15: Be holy because God is holy a. Holy is the word most used in the bible to describe God b. Everyone in this room has a reputation b.i. Some are good, some are bad c. How many of you guys are single c.i. Every time you date someone, your fame goes before you c.ii. At the end it will either strengthen your reputation or ruin it
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c.ii.1. If you screw up and treat that person terrible, people will know that because it will be talked about, if you break up with them in a stupid way people are going to know, its not you its me, c.iii. Ever met someone and they say oh I’ve heard a lot about you
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LIFE 101 - LIFE 101 WEEK 1: HOLINESS I. Intro a. Older...

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