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Andre Gonzalez Week 4 Memo Is commercial surrogacy morally analogous to baby selling? Should surrogacy contracts be legally enforceable? In the case of surrogacy, I believe that it is more difficult than in other cases to make a hard-line stance for or against the practice. In my view, the intent of both the intended parents and the surrogate makes a sizeable difference in the moral calculus. Take the case of commercial surrogacy for example. While there are certainly obvious differences between commercial surrogacy and baby selling, I believe that in principle both are morally objectionable. As we discussed in our talk of voting rights and the concept of selling votes, it is reasonable, and in my view correct, to hold that there are simply some things that cannot be bought or sold. Our market-based paradigm works well in many cases, but it runs into problems when it comes to placing a dollar value of certain things that are not normally viewed from a market’s perspective. This clearly
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