Mystery - none of it would make sense a. Jesus was...

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I. Intro a. Mysteries b. (CSI, House, new Sherlock holmes, Scooby doo, blues clues) c. Try to solve this mystery (involves tragedy, action, adventure, and life and death situations) d. See if you can put them together to solve the Old testament mystery II. First clue a. Conversation in Genesis b. Genesis 3:14-15 c. Only time God refers to it as Eve’s offspring d. Strike head/strike heel d.i. WHY III. Second and third Clue a. Come from david a.i. Psalm 22:16-18 a.ii. Psalm 16:10 IV. Fourth clue a. Isaiah 7:14 V. You all probably know by now what’s going on but imagine back then reading that, how
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Unformatted text preview: none of it would make sense a. Jesus was descendant of eve (who isn’t) b. Was born of a virgin b.i. Because of this was born without our sin nature, that came from Adam c. Death on the cross is the only from of execution that causes bruising on the heal d. David’s scripture all about jesus came true e. Isaiah was right on with his prophesy too e.i. Tempted in everyway yet did not sin VI. Conclusion...
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