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Out of the Echoes - Out of the Echoes Justice I Intro a...

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Out of the Echoes Justice I. Intro a. Watch the news? a.i. Barely anything good, anything good is like a squirrel water skiing a.ii. Stories about people killing their family and just not caring a.iii. You watch stuff like that and you just get the feeling that, that isn’t how the world should be, we get angry from it, we want things to be made right, want justice a.iv. Story about a guy who has everything, starts to embezzle money from his company so he can have even more, because of his greed company goes under and thousands lose their job, but he gets out free because he can hire the best lawyers a.v. Hear stories all the time that give us the feeling that’s not how the world should be b. 1.2 billion people hungry in the world every day b.i. 38 billion dollars of food a year is wasted b.ii. 45 percent of all harvested food is never eaten b.iii. Double the amount of power and natural resources of any country in the world b.iv. Wal-mart profits greater than the wealth of 85% of world countries c. If the world were a village of 100 people, what would it look like c.i. 60 would go hungry at breakfast, lunch, and be hungry when they go to bed every day c.i.1. 16 would go to bed nearly hungry c.i.2. 24 would have enough to eat all the time c.i.3. 80 would have substandard housing c.ii. 70 unable to read c.iii. 1 college education c.iv. 1 own a computer c.v. 6 people would have 60 % of the worlds wealth, all from the US d. Think about how good we have it d.i. All the entertainment that we pay for d.ii. How were able to waste food if we don’t like it d.iii. How we have different variety of things at the grocery store d.iv. How we can get money whenever we want or charge things on a credit card d.v. We spend money on pictures, people in the world have never seen a picture of themselves before, we can go on vacations, there’s people in the world who will never leave the towns they live in e. Maybe we don’t do enough f. Over the next few weeks were going to be talking about how God is calling us to be the people he wants us to be, to know what he wants for the world, to see the injustice in the world g. Were all created with this desire for justice g.i. Little kids argue constantly about what’s fair and not fair
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g.i.1. Fair teams g.ii. You go to camp some of younger guys don’t shower, they haven’t really figured it out yet, they don’t really know what they’re doing in life g.iii. Always complaining about something that doesn’t go their way in like a sport or game, tell on the people that cheat or break the rules h. A sense of fairness comes along with being a human being h.i. Sometimes the good guys win sometimes they don’t h.ii. The world isn’t as it should be and its our job to make it right i. Scriptures full of passages involving justice i.i. Micah 6:8 i.i.1. He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. i.ii.
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Out of the Echoes - Out of the Echoes Justice I Intro a...

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