Philippians - The life you were meant to live To live is...

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The life you were meant to live To live is Christ to die is gain I. Intro a. Study through the book of philippians b. Has your joy ever been stolen? c. Chippy story (old lady, singing bird, vacuum, reporter, how is chippy doing now? story) d. Take the next 30 seconds and tell the person next to you something that has stolen your joy this week e. We all go through difficult times f. 1 st response paper in com2010, calc 2 grade f.i. Count it as joy g. 2 timothy 3:12 g.i. Everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. g.ii. You will go through a lot of hard times just because you believe in Jesus, and the others because you are human g.iii. Sometimes we never come out of it g.iv. And our joy disappears g.v. How to we regain our joy? II. Philippians 1 a. Verse 1-2 b. Background on the letter :written around 0061 or 0062 by Paul (background of Paul), historical description of Paul (short, bald, unibrow), face of an angel, beamed, Pauls in prison like always writing to them because there is some difficult times there that have stolen their joy c. Verse 28-29 d. Acts 16 in Philippi for first time ever, demon possessed slave (owners using her to tell future) girl keeps following him, taunts Paul, Paul tells the demon to come out, it does, her owners are unhappy, took Paul to authorities, beat him, dragged them to prison, the inner cell (worst), e. What does Paul do? e.i. Pray and singing a song of joy and victory to god, picture guys in cells next to them e.ii. Paul was a man of incredible joy f. He wants them to catch his joy g. 4 chapters, joy or rejoice 14 times in the book h. How does Paul stay full of joy? h.i. We don’t feel like it all the time III. Philippians 1:21 a. Paul found his joy in jesus b. We try to find our joy in other things (relationships, money, good grades, good hair) c. Those things change, jesus remains the same d. Jesus was all he cared about “to live is Christ” e. We are all unworthy to have a relationship with God, but that’s not how it is because he chose us f. When you start living your life fully for Christ two things will happen IV. You won’t be able to stop talking about Jesus a. Rob talking about his gf b. That’s how paul was
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c. Verse 12-13 c.i. In prison but still having joy about it, tells them about jesus V. You will be joyful all the time a. You are a friend of Jesus, what more do you need b. Paul enjoyed his relationship with God c. What paul enjoyed even more was to know one day he would be in heaven with God d. Romans 12:12 d.i. Be joyful in hope d.ii. Hope that one day you will be face to face with God e. To live is Christ to die is gain VI. Conclusion a. Paul gets out of prison b. Tells people about Jesus again c. Prison again, faces execution d. Last words we have from paul, “the lord will bring me safely into his heavenly kingdom”then sings a song e. Still joyful Consider Others Better than Yourself I. Intro a. Philippians 2 b. Most powerful passages of scripture in the bible, goes against
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Philippians - The life you were meant to live To live is...

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