pushing past problems

pushing past problems - Derek Redmond Great Britain's best...

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Derek Redmond, Great Britain's best runner in the Men's 400 Meter held the National record going into the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain. Derek's life goal was to win a Gold Medal in these games. The day came for the semi-finals in the 400 meters and Derek knew this would be the race of his life. Up against the world's best runners, he knew that he had to do his best. When the gun sounded Derek got off to a great start. Then tragically, the right hamstring tore in his leg, sending him tumbling to the track surface before a packed stadium and a worldwide audience watching on television. Paramedics rushed to assist him as he lay writhing in pain on the ground. For most runners the race would have ended there. But not for Derek Redmond. In agony, Derek struggled to his feet and immediately felt the pain of the torn muscle surge through his body. Then, unexpectedly, he began hopping crazily toward the finish line. As the paramedics approached him, he waved them off, grimacing in tears. The stunned crowd could not believe what they were seeing. Then the drama took a new twist. A man in a cap and t-shirt bound out of the stands. Security guards tried to stop him, but the large man flung them out of his way. He went straight for Derek. Approaching his son, Jim Redmond put his arm around the hopping runner and said, "Son, you don't have to do this!" "Yes, I do, Dad," Derek replied, fighting through the tears and agony.
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pushing past problems - Derek Redmond Great Britain's best...

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