Rediscovering Basics

Rediscovering Basics - Rediscovering Basics Jesus Week 1 I...

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Rediscovering Basics Jesus – Week 1 I. Intro a. Redoing the youth room a.i. At one point everything that was added will be gone and the room will be basic a.ii. Next couple weeks were just going to focus on the basics of Christianity II. John 4 a. Story long, homework read John 4:4-32 b. I’m gonna give a summary of the story but still should be read b.i. Jesus is getting ready to go to this place to preach b.i.1. In the bible it says Jesus had to go to Samaria b.i.1.a. Doesn’t normally say that, so you et the writers perspective on Samaria b.i.1.b. Jews didn’t like the Samarians, they would never go there unless they absolutely had to b.i.1.c. Jesus didn’t really have to go through, even though it says he did b.i.1.c.i. Would have extended his trip by two days, most jews would walk around b.i.1.c.ii. Trip to Boston through Canada b.i.1.d. Jesus had an appointment with this woman, she didn’t know but Jesus did, and Jesus knew a whole lot about this lady, she was kind of down lately b.ii. Jesus gets to the city, and comes to this well, it’s about noon, very hot b.ii.1. Takes some time to rest, disciples go to get lunch, Jesus cant get any water, nothing to get it, so he’s just Waiting on this woman b.ii.1.a. Asks her for a drink, woman is shocked that a Jewish man would ask her for water, she asks why, Jesus responds “if you knew who I was you would ask me for water, and I would give you living water” III. Few things about this story aren’t normal a. She went to the well at noon, and alone a.i. In this culture, the women would go get water early in the morning, not the hottest part of the day, and for safety they would go with other women a.ii. As we read we’ll find out why this was a.ii.1. She was a bit of a social outcast a.ii.2. Married 5 times, living with a man who wasn’t her husband a.ii.2.a. All of those things punishable by death a.ii.2.b. People didn’t want to be around her a.ii.3. She probably felt quite a bit of shame b. Amusement park mirrors b.i. Coney island b.ii. Skinny, cone head, fat and short b.ii.1. What if those mirrors were all we had, if that’s all you ever saw of yourself, the only image you had of what you looked like b.ii.2. Then you found out you didn’t look like that b.iii. Your entire self image would be shaped by these mirrors b.iii.1. Don’t reflect reality, distorted c. This woman had so many of these mirrors set up around her c.i. Telling her how she messed up all sorts of things
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c.ii. Jesus wants to hold up a different mirror d. Back to Jesus’ response d.i. Shocked because she thinks he’s talking about real water, shocked that a Jewish man is talking to her, probably thinks he’s nuts e. Verse 14 e.i. She’s thinking in terms of physical, but says sure I’ll have some e.ii. Jesus says why don’t you go get your husband e.ii.1. Replies I don’t have one, Jesus says that’s right you don’t, you’ve been married 5 times and are living with a man not your husband e.ii.2. Her response was to change the subject, wants to talk about worship
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Rediscovering Basics - Rediscovering Basics Jesus Week 1 I...

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