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Role Models Part 1 I. Intro a. Genesis 22:1-18 II. Walking with God a. Put faith in God’s plan a.i. Genesis 22:3 a.ii. Faith = We gain perspective, by investigating God’s plan for us a.ii.1. CSI b. All that God has done has come from the great planning ability that he has III. Express Obedience to God’s Way a. How hard that was for Abraham to obey God a.i. Genesis 22:8 a.ii. Obedience = We gain peace, by reading God’s word b. When you obey what God wants you to do, great things happen (Jesus, Paul, IV. Be Ready to Sacrifice for God’s honor a. Genesis 22:9-10 a.i. Abraham was going to do it
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Unformatted text preview: b. God probably won’t ask you to sacrifice something that huge, but when the time comes will you be ready? c. Sacrifice = reward in heaven, by something called loose grip living d. China Cry: Sung Neng Yee (was introduced to Christianity young, fell away, got back in and was not treated good for it) V. Conclusion a. God wants to walk with you and watch you Grow a.i. Just like a parent b. You can choose to hang onto your way of doing things or you can hold everything with a loose grip and let God take over...
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