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Route 7 Week 1: Noah I. Intro a. Vacation fans? b. Driving around Oahu, roads through volcanoes through mountains along the coastline, b.i. Takes planning to create a road like that, a safe road, there’s not just road through the wilderness, up the middle and around the coast b.ii. You never see a road that leads to no where c. History is gods highway to an appointed future c.i. God is the state highway commission c.ii. He’s the chief engineer creating the highway, not just some random path through life d. A lot of people stand back and look at all of the horrible things that happen and say where is God at in all of this? d.i. God always makes sure that we’re on a road that’s going somewhere, not nowhere e. Easy to get confused about the heart of God in the old testament e.i. One day he blesses people another day everyone except noah is gone e.ii. What is God like? f. Next 7 weeks covering 7 covenants in the old testament f.i. Its going to be confusing, and it will cause us to be like God what are you doing here? But we will discover that a covenant reveals God at work on our road in life g. It’s embarrassing to cry during a movie g.i. Girls its expected, guys if you cry during a romance story it makes you like a girl g.ii. You look at the movie titanic, big when I was back in 4 th grade, and everyone’s like omg it’s such a good movie, saying how sad it is when leo dies, g.iii. To me the sadest part in that movie is where they show all the family stuck in their rooms as they begin to fill with water g.iii.1. Makes you realize that really happened h. When natural disasters happen people ask why does God let this happen h.i. What is he like? Is he good? Does he really care about us? h.ii. When babies die it doesn’t make any sense, you can’t help but ask why God? h.iii. Everyone has probably asked this at one time or another: Where are you God? Or does God really care about me? i. We can find hope that even the best people of the old testament asked the same question i.i. Tonight were going to talk about noah and the promise that God made with noah at the end of the flood i.ii. No one really knew who God was at this point, what was he really like, he was more of a mystery than he is today, noah probably didn’t even know God’s hear that well, he didn’t have the Bible to read or anything
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II. What do you think of when you think of Noah a. Children’s story, Sunday school b. It is the most tragic story that has ever taken place in our history b.i. Everyone but 8 people lost their lives b.ii. According to genesis 6 the world was in a bad spot b.ii.1. Adam and eve sinned, cain killed able, lamech killed a boy, then in genesis 6 sexual immorality had consumed the people on earth c. Genesis 6:5 c.i. The cause of the flood was the wickedness that had consumed the heart of people d. Verse 12 d.i. The word corrupt: the advancement of sin had reached its peak, couldn’t get any worse, therefore a divine response was inevitabkle d.i.1. Leave two little kids to play by themselves, its only a
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Route 7 - Route 7 Week 1 Noah I Intro a Vacation fans b...

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