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Sharing What You Believe I. How many of you were taught to share as a little kid? a. Some things we don’t like to share i. I’d always get ticked at Spencer for playing with my batmans ii. I don’t like when people ask for me to share food, but I expect them to share theirs. b. Some things we like to share i. If there’s a meal you don’t like for dinner you might share it with the dog ii. We like when people share answers to homework iii. We like to share gossip with other people c. The things that are easiest to share sometimes aren’t the best things to share. II. Why don’t we share things some times? a. Selfishness b. Trust i. Dvd’s c. But we expect people to be unselfish and trust us III. God wants us to share a. Not movies or cd’s b. God wants us to share his love for us with other people
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Unformatted text preview: c. What if your friend was a Christian? i. What would you expect him to do if he knew you didn’t know God d. This is going to be one of the things to share that is hard i. Clip e. It can really seem that hard at times to tell people about Christ f. People have different reactions i. Bad and good g. It’s our responsibility to tell people h. Brothers Keeper IV. what if that friend was saved… You all know people that don’t know God a. Whether it be from school, on a sports team, a neighbor b. Write down the names of three people that you would like to bring to Christ or bring to church c. Work on it, bring those names to church events or to church. Matthew 10...
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