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Stay Full 2-24-08 I. Things don’t always stay full a. When you fill a car up with gas, does it stay full? b. When you buy new batteries, do they always stay full? c. How many of you wish things would just always stay full II. Refill a. This weekend you guys got a refill of God for some of you a first fill i. But when you get a refill, what normally happens? b. You always take some out, you don’t just get a refill and just let it stay full III. Keep filling up a. You don’t have to get full of god just from a camp//retreat b. You can give yourself a refill i. By: praying, ii. Reading the bible iii.
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Unformatted text preview: Coming to church iv. Worshipping c. The best thing about refills is they’re free, God’s not going charge you to fill up IV. Stay Full a. If you let your car sit on E constantly, its not good for it b. In our walk with God, we don’t want our meter to be anywhere near E c. Right now most of you are filled up d. And slowly you’re going to start emptying, because that’s just what happens e. You don’t want to have a half battery on a trip with no charger f. Its not a good idea to let your relationship with god get down to “half battery”...
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