The Grace Effect

The Grace Effect - The Grace Effect Grace Defined I Intro a...

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The Grace Effect Grace Defined I. Intro a. Grace has an effect on our lives b. When we begin to understand the grace of God amazing things begin to happen in our lives b.i. Grace is a common word, we’ve all heard it and understand it, it’s a simple word b.ii. Not going to talk about what it means but making it personal and making it a part of our lives, making it real b.iii. What happens when grace is not lived out? b.iii.1. Many of us have experienced that b.iv. A lot of times we judge people on whether they are a Christian or not, based on how much they don’t follow rules b.v. Grace is not about how many times we mess up, it’s about having a God that cares about us We can try to do all the right things to people, but sometimes some people don’t offer grace, and it hurts us b.vii. Sometimes the place where grace is misunderstood the most is at church b.vii.1. The two major causes for emotional causes in Christians: the failure to receive grace, the failure to offer grace b.viii. Tonight were gonna go over a few pictures of what grace is, one from the old test, one from the new b.viii.1. A lot of times people think of God in the old testament as ungraceful and we don’t like referencing that, we like the new testament God, the graceful one b.viii.1.a. God didn’t change between books b.viii.1.b. He’s the same God throughout b.viii.1.c. When we only look at the new testament were missing the whole picture II. Old testament a. Grace is a god that keeps his promises and takes care of his people a.i. Genesis 17 God makes a promise with Abraham a.i.1. Verse 4-8 a.i.2. God is making a promise to his people a.i.2.a. I’m going to give you great things, you’re going to be set a.i.2.b. The old testament people couldn’t keep their end of the promise, constantly disobeying God, constantly worshipping other Gods, then God gives them all these laws they have to obey, Leviticus has some crazy stuff in it a.i.2.c. When being disciplined you ever hear someone say we don’t do that? Like you’re doing it too a.i.2.d. Sometimes you have to make weird laws with things, or as kids we force our parents to make weird laws a.i.2.e. They force God to make weird laws, in Leviticus it tells us don’t curse the death or trip the blind, don’t make your daughter a prostitute, 2 pages on that, don’t do anything that will put your neighbors life in jeopardy a.i.2.e.i. Has to be like a parent to little kids a.i.2.e.ii. The problem was this rules system wasn’t sufficient so they came up with a sacrificial system, where they would
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cast all the sins into this goat and the goat would die, the word scapegoat a.i.2.e.iii. This is all about rules and regulations a.i.2.e.iv. b.
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The Grace Effect - The Grace Effect Grace Defined I Intro a...

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