The Upsidedown way of God

The Upsidedown way of God - The Upside-down way of God...

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Unformatted text preview: The Upside-down way of God First is Last I. Intro a. So much of what Jesus taught is the opposite of the way people think b. Who is someone you would consider successful? b.i. Can we all agree that we would have to work our way up to them to be considered as successful as them? b.ii. Jesus never really talked about success as something you ascend to, but as something you descend to c. Most of the things that we think we know are good, Jesus teaches the opposite d. Gods ways are not our ways e. The first is last e.i. Goes against everything that’s inside of us e.ii. Instinct to want to finish first, to be first in line, to be the first one to get something e.iii. Everything in us does not want to be last at anything e.iv. What it really means to be first e.v. 39% of high school students say that yeah without a doubt when I grow up I’m going to be famous e.v.1. We’ve all probably thought this or dreamt of this at some point e.v.1.a. Had these role models in our mind and we set this goal to be like them when we get older People are crazy about celebrities We know all these weird things about celebrities, and were fascinated by it Cribs, tmz, extra, interviews We put them on a pedestal II. Mark 9 a. Famous defined: widely known, honored for achievement, celebrated a.i. That’s whats going on in this chapter, arguing on who’s going to be the best disciple b. Verse 33-35 (ends with jesus saying first is last) b.i. Doesn’t condemn them for wanting to be the greatest, but shows them how c. Disciples just came down of the mount of transfiguration (saw Moses, Elijah appearing in front of them) c.i. Probably feel pretty good about themselves, like they’re at the top, hung out with Jesus and 2 of the greatest prophets of the old testament c.ii. They knew they were great but they wanted to know who was in first place d. A lot of people have that focus (who will the leading scorer, who will be at the top of their class, who has the best grade on a test) d.i. When we’re kids and we get a medal or a trophy it was a big thing were like omg I’m the best I got a trophy d.ii. Its somewhere within us that the way we become great is by winning, or receiving recognition e. Jesus takes this and turns it upside down e.i. Not about getting the best seat in the house, or being first in line, or getting the biggest piece of cake, or getting a promotion at work f. Mark 10:31 f.i. If we really think about this verse in terms of eternity, how would we live our life? f.ii. To be famous in heaven you go to the back of the line, you serve in ways nobody notices, you show people Gods love who don’t even say thank you f.ii.1. Constantly doing the opposite of what feels right f.iii. Famous faces on the red carpet f.iii.1. Clooney, Hanks, Jolie, we know those faces instantly, people as them who they’re wearing, wanting to do interviews with them f.iv. Missionaries f.iv.1. Some could walk in here none of us would even know who they were, probably wouldn’t get asked to do a lot of interviews...
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The Upsidedown way of God - The Upside-down way of God...

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