Walking on Water

Walking on Water - Walking on Water I. Intro a. Rat...

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Walking on Water I. Intro a. Rat experiment a.i. Group of rats in tank 1 st lasted 17 minutes before all drowned, second time rescued before drowning returned to cage and fed, third time lasted 36 hours, rats had a hope and believed they could survive b. Peter goes through a similar experience in Matthew 14:22-33 c. Peter’s background c.i. Peter fishing, Jesus follow me, he left everything and did, first step of faith c.ii. Similarities between peters life and this story in Matthew 14 c.ii.1. Jesus healed two blind men, first thing they could focus their eyes on was him and they went and told everyone about him, peter focuses his eyes on the waves and they begin to sink c.ii.2. Jesus heals peters mother in law of a fever by reaching out his hand and touching her, Jesus reaches out his hand to save peter c.ii.3. The first storm they were in together, Jesus was asleep, calmed waves, as soon as Jesus said for the storm to calm the waves died, and then criticized them for their faith c.ii.4. Peter had seen it all happen but this is the first time it had to do directly with him, when Jesus finally asked him who do you say that I am, he was able to say with assurance you are the Christ d. Before the storm happened d.i. John the Baptist was killed, Jesus wanted to be alone, crowds kept following him, fed the 5000 with the 5 loaves and 2 fishes, then finally gets some alone time d.ii. Sends the disciples across the lake, probably knew there was a storm coming d.iii. Matthew 14:22-33 d.iii.1. Verse 27 in the Greek it says “the I AM is here” d.iv. Peter had to be absolutely freaking out, like what did I just get myself in to? d.v. Lame Hunting dog joke d.v.1. Gets really good hunting dog to impress his friends d.v.2. Trains dog to do all kinds of tricks d.v.3. Went hunting, dog walked on water to go get the ducks d.v.4. Guy asks notice anything unusual about my dog, buddies reply yeah how come your dog doesn’t know how to swim? d.vi.
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Walking on Water - Walking on Water I. Intro a. Rat...

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