Scientific Paper #1-Plant Competition (Works Cited)

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References: Aspbury, Andrea S. 2010. Intraspecific plant competition. Bio 1431 Laboratory Exercises for Organismal Biology. Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.   Gurevitch, J., Taub, D.T., Morton, T.C., Gomez, P.L., Wang, I.N. 1996. Competition and genetic background in a rapid-cycling cultivar of Brassica rapa (brassicaceae),  Amer J. of Bot .83:932-938. Lau, J.A., Shaw, R.G., Reich, P.B., Tiffin, P. Species interactions in a changing environment: elevated CO2 alters the evological and potential evolutionary consequences of competition [Internet]. 2010 MAY[cited 2011 FEB 19];12:435-455. Mercer, K.L., Perales, H.R. Evolutionary response of landraces to climate change in centers of crop diversity [Internet]. 2010 SEP [cited 2011 FEB 19]; 3(5-6):480-493. Miller, T.E.1995. Evolution of Brassica rapa (Cruciferae) populations in intra- and interspecific
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Unformatted text preview: competition, evolution . 49:1125-1133. Nanami,S., Kawaguchi, H., Yamakura, T. Spatial pattern formation and relative importance of intra- and interspecific competition in codominant tree species, Podocarpus nagi and Neolitsea aciculate. Ecol Res [Internet]. 2011 JAN [cited 2011 FEB 19];26(1):37-46. Stanton, M.L. Consequences of intraspecific competition and environmental variation for selection in the mustard sinapsis arvensis: contrasting ecological and evolutionary perspectives. Amer Nat. [Internet]. 2004 DEC [cited 2011 FEB 19]; 164:736-752. terHorst, C.P. Experimental evolution of protozoan traits in response to interspecific competition. J. of Evol Biol [Internet].2011 JAN [cited 2011 FEB 19]; 24:36-46....
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