Scoring Rubric for Guppy Behavior Paper

Scoring Rubric for Guppy Behavior Paper - a.i Results...

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Student Name:____________________________________ Scoring Rubric for Guppy Behavior Paper Student score / Points possible I. Abstract a. Background stated in 1-2 sentences /1 b. Clear statement of research hypothesis /1 c. Methods summarized in 3-4 sentences /1 d. Major findings stated in 2-3 sentences /1 e. Concluding statement /1 II. Introduction a. Logical argument provided as to why the question was addressed a.i. Background on ideas behind your question /2 a.ii. Background on why the question is important /2 a.iii. Background on study system /2 b. Clear statement of specific question or issue addressed (purpose statement) /2 c. Specific research hypothesis stated /3 d. All statements of fact supported with a reference and/or example /2 III. Methods a. Methods presented in past tense /2 b. Description of experiment is clear and complete b.i. Paired or unpaired design /1 b.ii. Clear description of experimental protocol /2 c. Brief statement of statistical analyses that are used and description of response variables /2 IV. Results a. Text summarizes important findings
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Unformatted text preview: a.i. Results stated for response variables /2 a.ii. Statement of results of statistical analysis /2 a.iii. Reference to figures made /2 b. Results presented in past tense /1 c. No raw data are presented /1 V. Discussion a. Data are related to the hypotheses raised in the Introduction /2 b. Facts are supported with references /2 c. Unusual findings are discussed /1 d. Suggestion of further studies /1 VI. Literature Cited a. Citations are provided for every reference cited and are in the correct format /2 b. Does not include references not used in the paper /2 VII. Figure Legends and Figures a. Informative figure legends for each figure (one for each response variable) /1 b. Figures with informative axes (one for each response variable) /2 VIII. Formatting a. Double spaced /1 b. All pages numbered /1 c. Proper grammar and spelling /1 d. Informative title placed in header with full name /1 Total Points:_________/50...
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Scoring Rubric for Guppy Behavior Paper - a.i Results...

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