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Test 1 Key Terms: Paleolithic - The first stage of prehistoric culture. Neolithic - Second stage of prehistoric culture. Agriculture, domesticated animals, pottery, textiles, social organization around villages and, eventually, cities. Pantheon - “all the gods” of a culture Cuneiform - Sumerian writing Pyramid - An Egyptian burial tomb Naturalism - An approach to art in which objects are depicted by the artist as they are observed in life. Stylization - An approach to art in which objects are depicted using reduced or stylized forms in accordance with some concept or idea. Polis - Basic Greek city-state, with self-governing people Acropolis - “high city,” elevated place in the city center where the temples of the gods stood Epic poem - long narrative poem that use an elevated style of language. Geometric Style - Style of vase painting: bold, simple, linear designs Archaic Style - In painting and relief, uses sense of three-dimensional space. In sculpture, shows figures in a stiff frontal pose. Cosmology*
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