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Agenda: April 3, 2011 1. Priorities a. Group Project Checklist a.i. Due on March 29 th a.ii. 5 questions we have to answer about our project as a whole a.iii. Has to be typed up and email to Dr. Cornett b. Sources b.i. One of the questions we have to answer on our checklist has to deal with our specific sources b.ii. Interviews are a good way to do this (Dr. Cornett specifically mentioned these); plus they take up time on our presentation and it could be interesting. b.ii.1. Aarons mom b.ii.2. UPD b.ii.3. Central Texas Medical Center b.ii.4. Individuals in Greek Organizations b.iii. Are we doing the video on the Square? b.iv. Statistics b.iv.1. One way to back up our claim and show evidence is to
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Unformatted text preview: show statistics b.iv.2. We just have to look them up-possible job c. Should we assign roles? 2. Presenting a. Discussion a.i. Do we want to sit at a table and discuss the issue with the class as we present? a.ii. OR…do we want to wait and discuss after we present a.iii. If we are going to have discussion, what are we going to talk about? b. Other Possible Solutions? b.i. We all know Austin closes off 6 th street and requires police officers, is that an angle we should take also? b.i.1. Funds to play officers b.i.2. Volunteers b.ii. Any other possible ideas?...
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