Sample Exam Chapters 1-3

Sample Exam Chapters 1-3 - Sample Exam #1 COMM 2330 For the...

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Sample Exam #1 COMM 2330 For the following Questions, circle all the answers that apply. 1. In general, competition a. Increases motivation to perform at peak levels for most group members b. Is embraced by all cultures as a natural aspect of our biological makeup as human beings c. Encourages cheating and dishonesty d. Enchances social relationships 2. As the size of the group increases, this a. Is almost always constructive because the group;s resources increase b. Usually increases the pressure to conform to group norms and opinions c. Usually makes decision making more complex and difficult d. Often produces an increasing number of nonparticipating group members 3. Leaders in groups must to be effective. a. Be highly intelligent b. Be highly competitive c. Us the democratic leadership style (members participate in decision making) d. Be flexible in their communication with group members 4. Intergroup (between two groups) competition has which of the following effects on competing groups? a. It often produces hypercompetitiveness (extreme competitiveness) b. It increases friction and hostility c. It often increases intragroup (within each group) cohesiveness (bonding among members) d. Intergroup interactions are far more competitive than interactions between individuals 5. Which of the following are effective strategies for dealing with difficult group members (disruptive troublemakers)/? a. Provide opportunities for the difficult group member to air his/her disagreement, allowing whatever amount of time is necessary. b. Permit the difficult members to interrupt the group proceedings so he/she can “blow off some steam” c. Encourage a competitive group climate where everyone is free to argue, disagree, and attempt to win points with the group d. Confront the difficult group member directly; if the entire group is affected, the group as
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Sample Exam Chapters 1-3 - Sample Exam #1 COMM 2330 For the...

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