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Extra Credit Paper 3- Abraham Maslow - family, and did...

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Brianna Haynes Intro. PSY Spring 2010 10 am class Abraham Maslow, an American psychologist, is known for his ideas or conceptualization of “hierarchy of human needs”, therefore he is known as the founder of humanistic psychology. There is no doubt that he has changed the field of psychology with his explanation of many aspects of human life and the human mind. Maslow was born in Brooklyn, New York to uneducated Jewish parents from Russia, and lived a depressing childhood due to his Jewish heritage and the location in which they lived. He originally went to college to pursue law, but ended up studying psychology at the University of Wisconsin. He soon married his first cousin, Bertha Goodman, which was very much against his parents’ wishes. Without the support of their family, Abraham and Bertha had two children to begin their family. Maslow continued to work in the field of psychology even with his new
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Unformatted text preview: family, and did significantly well in his studies; better than he did before new branch of family. He worked with Harry Harlow and his experiments with the baby monkeys. After getting his Bam MA, and PhD, Maslow then began teaching at Brooklyn College full time with an interest in Human Sexuality. After that period in his life, Abraham Maslow became a chair of the psychology department at Brandeis from 1951-1969. Here he met a fellow psychologist and chairman, Kurt Goldstein, who began the idea of self-actualization. From here Maslow generated many different ideas pertaining to humanistic psychology which kick started his still worldwide accepted theories. Abraham Maslow spent his last years in California, and died of a heart attack on June 8, 1970....
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