Extra Credit Paper 4- Eating Disorders

Extra Credit Paper 4- Eating Disorders - world. In our...

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Brianna Haynes Intro. PSY Spring 2010 10 am class Eating disorders began in and mainly plagued the American Culture for many generations. Yet, instead of the number of individuals affected by this disease decreasing with new technology and medicine, the numbers are getting greater by the day. Now the plague is beginning to appear not just in American and Western society, but also in other parts of the world. What many people don’t understand is that these disorders are a disease, a mindset. This mindset has been built up by many years the media and magazines creating this “perfect body” image, and encouraging people to go out of their way to look like a 100 pound model. Many other cultures that have not seen the effects of this disease do not understand, for the victim is wasting food, resources that just simply cannot be wasted in other parts of the
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Unformatted text preview: world. In our customs today, teens and youth seem to be looking older and older as the days go by. This is due the way they dress, the amount of makeup they wear, the way they act, and the way they talk. Along with this looking older mindset, the adolescents are forced to keep up with the times and be as thin as possible, even if that means being sent to the hospital because of lack of nutrition. So who is to blame? Well for starters the advertisements in T.V.s, magazines, and billboards greatly influence the kids to do the cool thing, and be with the in crowd, instead of embracing their body. Until someone steps in and influences teens, and mainly women to feel comfortable with their bodies, America will continue to starve....
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