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Extra Credit Paper 5- The Weaker Sex

Extra Credit Paper 5- The Weaker Sex - is statistically...

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Brianna Haynes Intro. PSY Spring 2010 10 am class It has been an age old battle, between who is really the more powerful and stronger sex. Men have always been assumed to be the tougher gender due to the way they are typically built and the image that not only our American culture has given them but many other cultures as well. Recent studies and polls have tried to test the theory that has been, up until now, widely, subconsciously accepted. It is assumed by most of society that men are more immune and their bodies can handle more. But in recent research, scientists have discovered that most of the studies done these days are for the improvement of male’s health. Also, when researchers have looked at the anatomy of both genders and compared them, they noticed that men are not made to survive as well as women are. This is not just because males take more dangerous risks than females, although this
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Unformatted text preview: is statistically proven, they have physiological and hormonal characteristics that put them at a disadvantage. Lately, there has been a recorded decline in male to female birth rates and scientists cannot figure out why. Also, there are considerably more male miscarriages than in female embryos. Even after birth boys are still less likely to survive as long as girls, for they are three to four times more likely to have developmental disorders; dyslexia and autism. Adulthood is no different, men tend to die earlier than women; men are much more likely to die of coronary artery disease (it shows up in men almost a decade before it tends to show up in women). All in all, I believe that the weaker sex theory should be reevaluated, for women have proven to most certainly be the stronger of the two....
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Extra Credit Paper 5- The Weaker Sex - is statistically...

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