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Extra Credit Paper- The Servant of Two Masters

Extra Credit Paper- The Servant of Two Masters - Florindo...

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Brianna Haynes Intro. PSY Spring 2010 10 am class “The Servant of Two Masters” is a play by Carlos Goldoni and directed by our very own Texas State Michael Costello. The tale takes place in Venice, Italy in the late 17 th Century. There are a lot of different subplots and themes within the overall plot. The story begins with the celebration between two young lovers, Clarice and Silvio, and their fathers after finding out that they can officially get engaged/married. Clarice’s hand in marriage was originally promised to another man who was recently killed. Meanwhile, Beatrice, who dresses up as her recently killed brother, comes in and crashes Clarice and Silvio’s joy as she announces that she is there to take her bride to be (Clarice) and the money that comes along with her hand. Beatrice’s motives are simply for money, for she has to buy Florindo’s freedom, her lover. The tale goes on and
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Unformatted text preview: Florindo ends up coming to Venice too, looking for a servant. The same servant that Florindo hires, Arlecchino, is also in servitude to Beatrice at the time. Arlecchino decides he can serve two masters at one time without realizing his masters are lovers, for he thinks Beatrice is a man, her brother. The story takes many twists and turns, Arlecchino has many daunting tasks and makes many sacrifices. There are also sub-themes of feminist attitudes in the plot also from Clarice’s maid, Smeraldina. In the end, all of the lovers end up with each other, Clarice with Silvio, Beatrice with Florindo, and the two servants fall in love Smeraldina and Arlecchino. All ends well, and this was a very humorous and eventful play, although it was 3 hours long!...
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