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Study Guide Psyc521, Spring 2011 Final Exam The final exam will be cumulative and consist of a combination of multiple choice and short answer questions. You will tested on your basic knowledge of terminology/concepts covered, and your ability to integrate and apply the course material to hypothetical situations. Define these terms: Agentic Perspective Analytical Thinking Anterior Cingular Cortex (ACC) Autonomy Baseline self-esteem Barometric self-esteem Bronfenbrenner’s Bioecological Model (Systems Theory) Cold Cognition Disordered puberty Error-related negativity (ERN) Extrapsychic Feared self Formal Operational Thought Heuristics Hot Cognition Hypothetical-deductive reasoning Identity (Erikson’s definition) Intimacy Ideal self Imaginary audience Intrapsychic Life Skills Training (LST) Metacognitions Parenting styles (Four fold classification scheme) Personal Fable Person-environment fit Real self
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Stage Environment Fit Self-Concept Theory of Oppositional Identities (Oppositional Peer cultures) Stereotype Threat Sullivan’s Theory of Interpersonal Development Short Answers 1. Name and describe each of Marcia’s Identity conceptions 2. Name and describe Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development 3. According to Piaget, individuals develop Formal Operational Thought during adolescence.
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Study Guide - Study Guide Psyc521 Spring 2011 Final Exam...

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