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quiz2Aa_2 physics

quiz2Aa_2 physics - Physics 1A 8 AM class Quiz 2 Nov 2 2007...

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Physics 1A- 8 AM class Quiz # 2 Nov. 2, 2007 Prof. Jose Onuchic MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) A long distance swimmer is able to swim through still water at 4 km/h. She wishes to try to swim from Port Angeles, WA due north to Victoria, B.C., a distance of 50 km. An ocean current flows through the Strait of Juan de Fuca from west to east at 3 km/h. In what direction should she swim to make the crossing along a straight line between the two cities? A) 41 e west of north B) 37 e east of north C) 37 e west of north D) 49 e west of north E) 41 e east of north 2) A 20 kg traffic light hangs midway on a cable between two poles 40 meters apart. If the sag in the cable is 0.4 meters, what is the tension in each side of the cable? A) 12,000 N B) 9,800 N C) 7,350 N D) 4,900 N E) 980 N 3) A bridge that was 5.0 m long has been washed out by the rain several days ago. How fast must a car be going to successfully jump the stream? Although the road is level on both sides of the bridge, the road on the far side is
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