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1 Spring 2012 - Math 1313 Course Syllabus Section number: 13566 Delivery format: face-to-face Instructor name: Dr. Melahat ALMUS Website: www.math.uh.edu/~almus Email: [email protected] Office: 609 PGH Conference hours: See my website; main page. Conference hours are held at CASA; 222 Garrison Gym. Textbook: College Mathematics for the Managerial, Life and Social Sciences, 5th edition by Tan. This text can be found online at www.casa.uh.edu. It is not available at the bookstore. Course Objectives: The student will mater the following topics: Straight Lines and Linear Functions, System of Linear Equations and Matrices, Linear Programming: A Geometric Approach, Mathematics of Finance, Sets and Counting, Probability, Probability Distributions and Statistics Whenever possible, and in accordance with 504/ADA guidelines, the University of Houston will attempt to provide reasonable academic accommodations to students who request and require them. Please call 713-743-5400 for more assistance. Assignments: A student in this class is expected to complete the following assignments: 1. Course Policy Quiz – online on your CASA account – you must make 100% on the course policy quiz in order to have access to the other online assignments in the course, including Test 1 . The answers to the quiz may be found in the “Math 13xx Course Policies” document on your instructor’s website. 2. 4 Regular Exams 3. Final Exam 4. Online Quizzes – 12 quizzes, starting the second week of classes. 5. Homework – Multiple choice assignments covering one section of the text each. Homework will be turned in by recording your answer choices on an EMCF form in your CASA online account. No late homework is accepted. See the Department Policies for Math 13xx for more details. 6. Poppers – in-class quizzes given daily starting the 3rd week of classes.
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2 GRADING Components and Weights of Semester Assignments: Daily Poppers 10% Homework 10% Quizzes 12% Test 1: 8% Tests 2 – 4: 14% each Final Exam 18% Total: 100% Grading Scale: If you call your average “x” and you made 60% or better on the final (including extra credit) your grade is: A 93 < x < 100 B- 80 < x < 83 D+ 67 < x < 70 A- 90 < x < 93 C+ 77 < x < 80 D 63 < x < 67 B+ 87 < x < 90
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1313_syllabus_sp12 - Spring 2012 - Math 1313 Course...

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