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final - Math 6322 Function of one complex variable Take...

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Math 6322 Function of one complex variable, Take Home Final Exam Fall, 2011, Dr. Min Ru, University of Houston Name (Printed): Student ID : Warning : The honor code applies to this exam. You must work alone. You may consult your notes, books, web, or any other material, but you are not allowed to talk to or work with anyone else. If you have any question, please e-mail me. The due date is Wed., Dec 7, before noon . Here is our list of major theorems (not complete) from the semester (in alphabetical order). Argument principle (for meromorphic functions) Big Picard Theorem Bloch’s theorem (about the range of holomorphic functions) Casorati-Weierstrass theorem Cauchys inequalities and estimates for derivatives Cauchys integral formula Cauchys integral theorem Goursat’s theorem Hurwitzs theorem Laurent expansion (theorem) for holomorphic functions on an annulus 1
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Liouvilles theorem Little Picard Theorem Maximum modulus theorem Marty’s theorem about normal families
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