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Sample Project - Project 8 A Tek Jansen Codeventure...

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Project 8: A Tek Jansen Codeventure Milestone Submission: November 30th, 10:30pm Final Submission: December 7th, 10:30pm TA: Matt Carlson Introduction In this project you will gain experience with the java Collections framework, generics, and recursion. Book Chapters and Other Materials Chapter 15 and Chapter. Backstory Tek couldn't remember how he got here. Was this somehow Abraxxia's doing? Did his SSSFID chip somehow fail and fall into the hands of the evil Planet Festulus? Without a caterpillaraperture, there's no possible way Tek can escape his evil surroundings. Tek was in a bind - he didn't understand. It seems as if he's found himself amidst some type of dank labyrinth. With dark corridors leading in every direction, he was unsure of how to proceed. Tek had never seen anything like this before. . it was some type of strange. .. maze! Tek's attention was immediately attracted by a flickering light at the end of one of the corridors. Hesitantly, he pulled out his T9000Z laser pen and began to move towards the light. Upon closer inspection, it seems the light is a result of an intense blue-green fire burning intently. Tek never leaves home without his fire abatement spray, so he reached in to his bag to search for a vessel. Drasp! Abraxxia has taken all of Tek's gadgets. .. except one. Fortunately, Tek still has his SPGPSX - Stealth Portal Global Positioning System X. Understanding the bind he has found himself in, Tek begins to plan. The SPGPSX has the capability of providing a multi-granular image of any location in New Terra - the current name for this multiverse. Using the SPGPSX, Tek can send a high resolution image of his surroundings to anyone, anywhere. Whomever receives this image will then have the responsibility of leading him to freedom. Tek is reluctant to send this image to Porpy, his nutty, zany sidekick. Even though Porpy often saves Tek from certain doom by accidentally disengaging giant robo- space claws and boron-fused laser cannons, he was disinclined to call upon him. This was no time for madcap misadventures. Fully aware of the capabilities of the students in CS180, Tek decides to call on them for help. It is up to them to find the way out of this labyrinth. Prophets call these type of people "heroes" (like Keanu Reeves in "Point Break"). They are the ones with the truest vision. It is your task to live up to this expectation and lead Tek forth to
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freedom. His safety and future, and thus the safety and future of New Terra, is now in your hands. Disclaimer: You do not need to understand this backstory in order to successfully complete this project. In fact, it's probably better off that way. Overview The objective of this project is to lead our hero, Tek Jansen, through a maze to freedom. Along the way, Tek may encounter Rockoids, FireAbatementSpray, Fire, and Hallways. It is your job to create a maze solver which will successfully lead Tek to the end of the maze. Similarly with project 7, the Maze will be represented as a Maze object. The Maze
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Sample Project - Project 8 A Tek Jansen Codeventure...

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