Chapter 1 - A B C D Chapter 1 New world of Advertising and...

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Chapter 1 A) New world of Advertising and integrated brand promotion a) IBP Going through change b) Companies trying to keep up with changes c) Companies turning towards internet, social networks, d) Mobil marketing – communicating with large markets through mobile devices B) What are advertising and IBP? a) Advertising is an essential marketing tool that helps create brand awareness and brand loyalty. b) Advertising is anything but not important c) Advertising is a paid, mass-mediated attempt to persuade c.1) Paid communication by company or organization (c.1.i) Not paid for it is just public relations promotion – publicity (c.1.ii) PSAs are not advertising because they are not paid for c.2) Mass mediated – communication delivered to reach more than one person c.3) Attempt to persuade – communications to get someone to do something d) Integrated Brand Promotion – process of using a wide spread brand exposure d.1) Complicated and must be managed in an integrated fashion (d.1.i) A process (d.1.ii) Wide range of promotional tools that must be evaluated and scheduled (d.1.iii) All the tools need to work together e) Advertisement – refers to a specific message that an organization has created to persuade an audience. f)
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Chapter 1 - A B C D Chapter 1 New world of Advertising and...

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