Chapter 18 - Ch 18 Introductory Scenario Bring on the buzz...

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Ch 18 Introductory Scenario: Bring on the buzz Charmin ran ad for “Mr. Whipple please don’t squeeze the Charmin!” that became famous over forty years ago Where could this brand bring back delight and more people talking? Enjoy the Go! Campaign, had a show “Crossroads of the World” in Times Square in NYC. 1 st made a national job search to create The Go Team o offer of $10,000 for five weeks of work generated hundreds of applicants and lots of enthusiasm. 2 nd the First Flush Mario Lopez as king of the throne to do the first flush, brought in lots of media. 3 rd engaged more celebrities to sponsor I. Public relations Public relations is to foster goodwill between a firm and its many constituent groups. A.a. Function seeks to highlight positive events A.b. Damage control B. New Era for PR? B.a. Increasingly sophisticated and connected consumers who are talking to each other more and more about brands, online and off. B.b. new era for PR is a result of the intensely commercial world described by Brown in which consumers control the conversation about brands that is monitored by PR folks who become part of the conversation on blogs, etc.; how Gladwell’s “mavens” and “connectors” who share brand stories with their networks are relevant; PR is about finding ways to get your brand in positive conversations of key consumers, often in a dialogue B.c. Consumer is increasingly in control in this brand-obsessed world, using tools like blogs, podcasts, YouTube, Twitter, and whatever will be invented next week to exert that control across the internet B.d. Consumers are spreading the word about brands, it is consumer’s decision to recommend brand to friends and family B.d.i. Mavens and connectors are critically important in fostering social epidemics. B.d.ii. They can be located, and if you give them useful info or interesting stories about your brand, they may share it with their networks. B.e. PR isn’t just about managing goodwill; it can be about finding ways to get your brand into the day-to-day conversations of key consumers. B.f. Increasingly clear that PR expertise needs to be well represented as part of any marketing and advertising team.
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B.g. Public relations and damage control B.g.i. PR serves a role that no other promotional tool can, provides damage control from bad publicity. B.g.ii. From public relations standpoint, the train has left the station and I barreling out of Intel’s control B.g.iii. Taco bell closed the restaurant in Greenwich Village but the internet video is still out there with the rats running around B.g.iv. KFC familiar, everyone gets agitated but competitors II. Objectives for public relations A. Six primary objectives : A.a. Promoting goodwill . A.a.i.
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Chapter 18 - Ch 18 Introductory Scenario Bring on the buzz...

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