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February 1 I. TED talks A) Technology entertainment and design A.a) Ideas worth spreading A.b) Concise 15 min presentations from talk speakers A.c) Intended to provide to the audience fresh perspectives and insights usually into unexplored areas for most members of the audience A.d) What are Pink’s takeaways based on research using the candle problem? (A.d.i) Functional fix A.e) What’s relationship between size of financial rewards and creative problem solving? (A.e.i) Rewards or motivation for people to do things
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Unformatted text preview: (A.e.ii) Higher awards = lower performance (A.e.iii) Financial incentives can result in a negative response (A.e.iv) Larger awards led to poor performance, high incentives led to worse performance A.f) What is intrinsic motivation? (A.f.i) Human desire to do things because the matter (A.f.i.1) Autonomy (A.f.i.2) Mastery (A.f.i.3) Purpose A.g) How does ROWE stimulate creativity? (A.g.i) Up to them when and how to do things. It’s optional. (A.g.ii) ROWE gives work autonomy...
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