February 8 - February 8 I II III IV V Marketing Concept...

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February 8 I. Marketing Concept zappos.com e.g. A. Doesn’t have a script their phone room people follow B. Giving them to autonomy boosts the company. C. Given good pay, turnover is very small 35% D. Good at customer service II. IBP Campaign Report A. Shaun White campaign report (long lasting gum) A.a. Shaun White Olympic Gold Medalist A.b. “Whitemint” taps into Shaun White’s personality A.c. Targeted to 18-24 + 10-12 (guys) A.d. Shaun = retained a persona of hipness and youthfulness A.e. Transformational branding to enhance emotional benefits A.e.i. E.g. 10-12 year old boy who likes Shaun White wants to buy it due to emotional attachment to Shaun White III. Public Relations A. A planned effort to create positive , third party buzz , around a company, brand, person, or issue. B. A tool the same way advertising is a tool C. Which combo of mix tools? C.a. How to make the best mix to market the brand. D. Amy’s = No ads, only PR D.a. Using word of the mouth D.b. Doing good things in the community D.c. Support Austin musician D.d. Supply ice cream to children’s hospital free of charge
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February 8 - February 8 I II III IV V Marketing Concept...

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