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Jan 23 - urban markets d Total charge for the art is...

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ADV318J 22:24 A. Emergence of the 4 th screen a. Mallvision360 digital b. Public groupe c. Simon property croup d. Tap 20 markets e. 8 min 15 sec spot every 2 min f. 49 malls 900 screens, 402MM in 4 weeks g. to run for a month on thousands of dollars B. Imagine its 1995 a. Model 1 a.i. Microsoft a.ii. Professional writers and editors a.iii. Well compensated managers will ensure it is competed on budget and time a.iv. CD-ROMs later online b. Model 2 b.i. Online b.ii. Volunteers b.iii. Free online C. Powerful new 21 st century business model a. Open source b. People work for no pay c. Built on instinct and motivation d. Autonomy, mastery, purpose e. Pink’s ted talk – surprising science of motivation
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D. IBC Campaign Report a. Pedigree’s guerrilla marketing b. Employed seven chalk artist c. Guerrilla marketing – edgy, inexpensive promotional initiatives executed in major
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Unformatted text preview: urban markets d. Total charge for the art is $15,000 each artist received $400. Began three days in advance to finish chalk art before the show opened. e. National campaign launch e.i. Dogs rule e.ii. If you can convince dog owners that you really love dogs they will do business with you. f. Guerrilla Marketing Chalk Art Murals f.i. Generate conversation value and buzz f.ii. PR used to spike media coverage f.iii. Web site tie-in f.iv. Inexpensive f.v. Coordinated with the launch of “dogs rule” f.vi. Murphy’s law: Rain washed the chalk away! E. IBP Campaign Lesson: a. “Shop the world, steal from the best.” b. Promoting a restaurant you could use chalk art...
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Jan 23 - urban markets d Total charge for the art is...

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