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Jan25 - c.5 Started walking as much as possible c.6 Story...

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A) What is this course about? a) Developing big IBP campaign ideas B) “Portraits” campaign big idea a) Series of portraits b) Won a lot of awards c) Format: AmX “Portraits” campaign c.1) Intriguing leibovitz photos + photo d) Beginning in 2006 they come back using same campaign “My life. My card” e) Simple basic idea; shows personality C) Where do big idea campaigns come from? a) Chip and Dan Heath emphasize making great campaign ideas. b) Made to stick c) “Idea Spotting” – spotting or finding experiences or events to a brand’s value c.1) Subway and Jared “Classic example of idea spotting” c.2) Roommate was premed and pointed out that he was overweight and very unlikely he would live past 35. c.3) Developed his own subway diet c.4) After three months he had lost almost 100lbs
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Unformatted text preview: c.5) Started walking as much as possible c.6) Story of Jared inspired a report to write about it in the student newspaper c.7) Freelance writer wrote a story over it in Men’s Health “Crazy diets that work” c.8) Franchisee, bob, found the article and contacted an agency to do an ad and find the guy that lost all the weight. c.9) Marketing director at subway was not impress. Lawyers where not impressed, can’t make that claim because it appears to be making a medical claim c.10) First commercial ran Jan 1, 2000. Jan 2, 2000 people want to know information on the guy that is losing all the weight. c.11) Sales spike due to Jared campaign (c.11.i) Jared story proves that idea spotting works...
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