Week 1 Assignment - Leader-Follower-Situation

Week 1 Assignment - Leader-Follower-Situation - Week 1...

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Week 1 Assignment 2 Leader/Follower Situation In order for an organization to be able to accomplish its goals and succeed, the company must have both qualified managers and leadership. While managers and leaders have qualities and job duties that sometimes overlap, many times the distinction of whether an a person is seen as a manager or leader comes down to style or approach in handling situations. A manager makes a system of people and technology work well day after day, week after week, year after year. Some of a managers' duties may include: - Planning - Budgeting - Organizing - Staffing - Controlling - Problem solving A leader creates a system that mangers manage and changes them in ways that allow for the organization to take advantage of opportunities. Some of a leaders' duties may include: - Creating vision - Creating Strategy - Communicating - Direction setting - Motivating employees Which is more important, leadership or management?
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