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Week 1 Forum - Be a Leader

Week 1 Forum - Be a Leader - right Weakness When assessing...

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Self Assessment Review: After taking the Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Leader Self Assessment, my score of 74/100 suggests that I have excellent leadership skills. Personally, I think I'm a good leader and I agree with the assessment. But, I can't say that I put much stock into “self-assessments”. I'm not sure that most people are truly honest or objective when faced with the assignment of assessing their own skills. Strengths: I consider myself to be a very upbeat and positive person. When placed in a position of leadership, I tend to offer a lot of praise and encouragement when a member of the team is performing well. Self management is something I find to be very easy. If you can't lead and manage yourself, how can you expect other people to react to your management or leadership in a positive manner. Scheduling tasks and being on time for things like meetings or classes is a very simple thing to get
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Unformatted text preview: right. Weakness: When assessing my strengths and weaknesses, I have found that they are both very similar. What may be a strength in one situation, can very well become a weakness in another. Because I feel self management, time management, and positivity are things that we can all control, I have a hard time dealing with team members that are lacking in any of those areas. I tend to very laid back, up to a point. Unfortunately after that point I have a bit of a temper. When dealing with individuals that are negatively affecting my team with their attitude or lack of work ethic, the fuse that is usually long, becomes a lot shorter. I don't have a ton of leadership experience, but I think I have done OK with the limited chances I have had. Like most people, I have my strengths and weaknesses, but I think being honest with myself about what I need to work on is the most important thing....
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