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Score: I scored 21/35 points on the Assessing Your Perspective Taking assessment test. This indicates that I have moderate perspective taking. What did I learn about myself? I was very surprised when I got the results of this self-assessment. I would have thought that my score would have been much lower. I think “putting myself in another person's shoes” is one of the things that I have the most difficulty doing. Obviously, I understand the theory behind it. But doing it is another thing altogether. Of course, when I don't know the answer to a problem or situation, getting other people's input is invaluable and the first thing I try to do. But, when I think I'm right, I think I'm right. Before chiming in to tell me how patient you are and always put yourself in the other person's
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Unformatted text preview: shoes, go ask your enemies if they think that's the case. Many of us do the same thing, I can just admit it. So, what do I do to fix this issue? I guess the first step to getting sober was “admitting I had a problem”. I'll try that approach. Step 1: check. I have a problem not seeing other people's point of view. Darn. from there the AA steps no longer apply. In all seriousness, since I know I have the problem, I think working on it shouldn't be that hard. I just need to make a conscience effort to see the views of other people, along with the reasons that they feel that way. I probably still won't agree with them, but at least it might keep me from offering criticisms that I should probably keep to myself....
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