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Week 3 Forum - Personal Values

Week 3 Forum - Personal Values - Week 3 Discussion Personal...

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Week 3 Discussion Personal Value System: How do I decide ethical dilemmas? I used to struggle when faced when many ethical dilemmas. I had difficulty choosing between what was better for me, ethical or not, or what was simply the right thing to do. Now, I just decide based on what will allow me to sleep in peace at night. Do I have set ethical beliefs or standards? No, not really. I think each situation presents a unique set of circumstances, so I usually just try to go with the choice I would want my kid to make. I'm not religious, I don't live by a set of rules, I just try to do what is right. If so, do I live by these beliefs or standards? I try, but it's not always easy. I tend to gravitate towards fun, or trouble as most of you guys would probably think. I do my best, and over the last 5 or so years I think I've done pretty well. How often have I done something that I am ashamed of? Now, hardly ever. I used to do things that I was ashamed of on a daily basis. Kinda sad, but it's true.
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