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Unformatted text preview: 1 MSCI 311: Organization Design and Technology Winter 2012 Department of Management Sciences Faculty of Engineering University of Waterloo Instructor: Geovania Pimenta Tel.: 519-888-4567 ext. 33357 Email: Office: CPH 4343 Office Hours: Monday12:00 - 1:00pm (or by appointment) Course Description and Objectives This course will survey and critically examine theories, concepts, and research aimed at understanding the structural design and functioning of human organizations. Topics include organizational research, organizational goals and effectiveness, bureaucracy, organizational design fundamentals, organizational environments, and technology in organizations. The course objective is to help you develop theoretical and practical approaches for: 1) understanding the behavioural properties of organizations as social systems and 2) improving the design and behaviour of organizational systems. Courseware The primary sources of learning for this course are lecture slides and any readings/handouts provided in lectures, tutorials . The lecture slides will be posted on Desire2Learn before the lecture. The textbook below is available for background reading and extra information related to most topics covered in the course. I have placed two copies on reserve at the Davis Centre ( 3 hour loan, call number: UWD 1542) Das, Hary. (1998). Strategic Organizational Design for Canadian Firms in a Global Economy. Pearson Education Canada Note: Students must pass at least one exam (one of the midterms) to pass the course. Students who fail both exams will receive the average of their two exam marks as their final grade. 2 Evaluation Assessment Method Date & Time Weight Quizzes Short-answer questions. 20 30 minutes in length at the beginning of class. Non-cumulative. Testing knowledge and comprehension. Responsible for lecture notes and handouts Closed book See the Course Schedule 3 quizzes , Quiz 1 6% Quiz 2 7% Quiz 3 7% (Total weight = 20 %) Assignments Individual or in groups (of up to 4). Groups will remain unchanged throughout the term Cumulative. Each assignment builds on the previous....
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MSCI311-Course_Outline - 1 MSCI 311: Organization Design...

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