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Case# 1 Tax S - MEMORANDUM TO Georgi Smatrakalev FROM...

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Marcia and Dave are separated and negotiating a divorce agreement. They live in a common law state and have two children who will remain with Marcia. Dave is willing to transfer the jointly owned home to Marcia. He wishes to keep the couple’s jointly owned boat. Dave will either transfer securities to Marcia ($100,000 adjusted basis, $150,000 fair market value) or will pay her $30,000 for 5 years with interest of 8%. What issues should Marcia and Dave consider when formulating their divorce agreement? Please write page, pagae and a half memo in IRAC format. - Issues, rules, analysis, conclusions, and submit it via assignment to be graded.
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Unformatted text preview: MEMORANDUM TO: Georgi Smatrakalev FROM: Cheryl Hoaglund DATE: February 18, 2012 SUBJECT: Case # 1 Dear Doctor Smatrakalev, There are a few issues that need to be addressed when considering the formulation of Dave and Marcia’s divorce agreement. The issues that I would like to take into consideration are: • Division of the assets of the marital estate • Interest • Physical custody of the children for filing head of household purposes • Health insurance for the children as well as division of payments for any uncovered balances The rules that...
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