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Exam 1 - Language Change Examples - Assignment0

Exam 1 - Language Change Examples - Assignment0 - LING 100...

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Updated Jan. 20, 2012 (additions in yellow) LING 100 Communication and Language Dr. Ivelina Tchizmarova Spring 2012 Name: _____________________________ Student ID: _________________________ Exam 1 Examples of Language Change (to be collected and handed in prior to Exam 1) Find five (5) examples of language change from reputable and reliable scientific sources. Each example of language change may involve two or more languages (e.g., from Latin into French, or from Latin into several Romance languages), or just one language (e.g. from Old English into Middle English or Modern English). The examples may illustrate sound changes, changes in the meaning of words, morphology (e.g. word endings), word order , etc. Make sure you have three or more different types of examples , e.g. one or two on sound change, one or two on meaning change, one or two on morphology, etc. Reputable and reliable scientific sources include: linguistics books and academic textbooks, especially ones on historical linguistics, and articles from scientific journals (printed and online).
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